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Roadside Assistance

After a day at the beach, you just want to go home. Unfortunately, your car decides to take a nap on the side of the road.

24/7 roadside assistance can make all difference. Help is never more than a call away. A service provider gets you back home.
All vehicles registered in Belgium can be insured under roadside assistance policy.
It covers all assistance when your car emergency occurred in Belgium and in Europe, including:

  • Towing: Whenever your vehicle requires more than at-the-scene service, you can use your roadside assistance coverage to tow it
  • Flat Tire Change: No need to panic if you have a flat. A roadside professional can put the spare tire on your vehicle at the scene.
  • Battery Jump-Start: If possible, it will be jump-started at the scene
  • Locksmith Service: If your keys are lost, stolen or locked inside your car, a locksmith or a car dealer will be sent to you.
  • Alternative transport: Anyway ... you get back home!


Personal Assistance

Skiing is having fun ...until you break a leg.

24/7 personal assistance insurance can make all the difference. Help is never more than a call away. A service provider gets you back home.
It covers all family members and all assistance in Belgium and worldwide, including:

  • Assistance to persons in case of illness, accident or death.
  • Medical help abroad, such as hospitalisation or doctor's visit.
  • Repatriation




Fast service

Car accident? Water damage to your home? We make sure you receive immediate help. Efficient handling of these situations is our trademark.

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