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Due to the worldwide globalization of business, more and more companies have to send their employees to multiple foreign countries for a certain period. These employees are of paramount importance for the company. Protecting them is essential. Copper offers the best protection for employees and their families. This can be offered on an individual basis or a personalized package for your whole company.

As an independent broker, Copper will always make a complete market survey which guarantees you a good price/quality ratio.

Important specifications:

  • Medical costs
    Up to two million euro for medical costs, hospitalization and outpatient treatment included, a daily allowance in case of hospitalization, ambulance costs, private care, costs for maternity care and childbirth, treatments concerning cancer, organ transplantation
  • Assistance Telephonic advice for and too clients, for example for a ‘Second Opinion’, travel advice and worldwide assistance
  • Political evacuation
    Covers the costs made by emergency evacuation caused trough political circumstances.
  • Statutory liability
    The liability of the expatriates from damages in the daily life is also insured.
  • Legal aid Covers costs made for legal aid.

For the employer

  • Offers a complete cover for a favorable price for the expats and their families.
  • This helps companies show their involvedness in relation to their employees by offering them a complete cover to attract talented employees and more important: maintaining them!
  • Adding an expat and his family at any time without the bureaucracy.
  • The HR department will have a 24/7 online access to the policy information, which offers the required peace of mind for the employer.

For the employee

  • Offers peace of mind for the expat, one of the most prominent insurance companies protects you and your family.
  • Protects the expat his family with a extensive basic insurance, which covers medical costs, political evacuation, civil liability and legal aid
  • Flexibility when selecting optional covers against reasonable prices.
  • 24/7 access to the policy and declaration data trough the website and telephonically access to an assistance centre.
Welcome Package

The Welcome Package covers all your insurance requirements for a period of 60 days at a cost of only 1 € a day.

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