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This type of policy covers equipment whilst being used in the performance of its proper function against any unforeseen or accidental loss or damage from any cause other than specified exclusion necessitating repair or replacement.

This cover includes the perils of fire, lighting, explosion, negligent or malicious acts of employees or third parties, incorrect operation, burglary, theft, robbery and the events related to them, faulty design and material, scorching and charring, smoke, soot, forces of nature such as storm, flood, hail, landslide except seismic perils, any influence of water and moisture and corrosion from them.


Basic cover
Loss or damage to insured property caused by any unforeseeable and
sudden event, namely through clumsiness, accidental negligence or malice by of the policyholder or a third party, are shocks, fire, lightning, electricity or water impact, theft (subject to special agreement for the portable equipment).

Insured amount
Value indicated by the policyholder under his responsibility. The proportionality rule applies if the sum insured is less than the new replacement value of the insured objects, i.e. the price, without discount, of a new installation in all aspects identical to the insured unit, purchased separately and was increased by the cost on packaging, transport and assembly as well as any taxes and duties, except the part of the VAT that is recoverable.
In the course of the contract, the guarantee is provided instantly, up to a maximum of 20% of the total declared value, for the insurable objects that are added to the insured installations and this provided declaration to the insurance company within two months of the possession by the policyholder and payment of the premium.


Costs for work performed outside normal working hours
The maximum intervention rate of 50% of the costs relating to wages and displacement, calculated at the usual Belgian rate for work performed during normal working hours, and reimbursable under the basic guarantee.

Costs arising from an appeal to engineers abroad
Part of wages higher than those calculated in the usual Belgian rate, for work performed during normal working hours and reimbursable under the basic guarantee, plus travel and accommodation costs and more generally with any additional costs associated with these technicians. Insured amount: The maximum intervention is limited to 1.250,00 € per claim.

Costs for rapid transport of replacement equipment and parts
The maximum intervention rate of 50% of transport costs, for transport that took place through the simplest way, are reimbursed according to the basic guarantee.

The damage due to the transport risks, including loading and unloading
Loss or damage to the insured objects during transport on a public road, which are the immediate result from following characteristic accidents: collision, derailment, fall, tilt of the vehicle, breaking of the frame, the axletree or the wheels, ground subsidence, collapse of real structures, dike breakage, breakage in water pipes, landslide, fire, lightning, explosion, theft. The accidental damage caused during the loading and unloading is also included in the guarantee.

Current guarantee extension is only effective after depletion of the intervention provided by any other contract that directly or indirectly makes the total or partial compensation possible.

Legal suff:
The text above is a summary of the safeguards, and has no contractual value. For the full application of the provisions of the contract, please consult the general conditions on www.nschrysalis.be. Copper can also provide you those by e-mail.

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