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The purpose of lost luggage insurance is to reimburse travelers for the value of their lost possessions.

Depending on the policy lost luggage insurance may also reimburse travelers for eligible expenses like replacing lost items, buying essential items like toiletries and other incidental items. As with any policy it is important to read the fine print carefully in order to determine exactly what is – and is not – included in the coverage.


All objects owned by the policyholder, which he brings with him for his personal use, including:
a) clothing or carried objects
b) special and valuable items such as jewellery, watches, furs, binoculars, camera and video equipment, mobile phones, portable computers, iPods, .... up to 50% of the total insured amount, for the total of special and valuable objects;
c) sports equipment: If the equipment is composed of a set of several articles, each article is separately insured for an amount equal to the total value of the equipment divided by the number of objects;

Each item is separately insured up to a maximum of 25% of the total insured amount.


First risk covered until 2.500 € per person


a.’ The European’ insures your belongings from the total or partial damage, theft and the non-delivery of luggage entrusted to a transportation company.
b. In the event of a delay of 6 hours ensures ‘European’ compensation up to € 250; in event of a delay of 12 hours ensures ‘the European’ compensation to a maximum of € 500 per insured, in addition to the insured sum, the repayment of the proven cost of purchasing of articles of first necessity.
c. Luggage transported in a private vehicle, mobile home or caravan used by the insured is covered only for the complete or partial damage due to an accident, including fire and theft committed with featured intrusion between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m., provided that they are out of sight, separated from the passenger compartment, in the trunk of a fully enclosed vehicle.
 If the type of vehicle does not permit this, the guarantee is not acquired.
d. Luggage under the supervision of the insured as carried on the body and clothing items are only insured against partial or total damage caused by a physical accident, fire, explosion, natural forces or theft involving violence to the person.
e. Luggage being in a hotel room or vacation home is only insured against total or partial damage due to fire, explosion or water damage and theft with visible signs of forced entry.
f. In case of loss or theft of the international passport or identity card during a covered travel, ‘the European’ covers administrative costs up to € 125. Any travel expenses are not reimbursed.
g. Loss, damage or non-delivery of wheelchairs, entrusted to a carrier, are covered up to a maximum amount of € 2.000, in addition to the insured sum stated in the policy. An official certificate of declaration to the carrier or on a bus trip, or a certificate from the hostess has to be presented.


a) - art, antiques, carpets, musical instruments, non-portable film, video and audio equipment, goods and samples of professional nature;
(*) Samples and material of professional nature may however be ensured provided that specific application prior to departure and upon payment of an additional premium imposed by ‘the European’.
- Prosthetics, contact lenses and glasses;
- Documents, money or valuable papers, collections;
- All weapons or ammunition.
b) The full or partial damage of the luggage by:
- Weather conditions, vermin, inherent vice, ordinary wear and tear, electrical, electronic or mechanical failure by a repair, cleaning or restoration, unless the incident occurred when the luggage was entrusted to a professional carrier;
- The flow of containers, dents, scratches, flaking of enamel and breaking of fragile items, unless this damage is the result of a traffic accident.
c) The full or partial damage and theft of:
- Sports equipment (except skis), motorcycles, bicycles, baby-carriages, wheelchairs and similar when in use;
- Luggage transported by a two-wheeled vehicle, in a cabriolet or open vehicle, or outside on or attached to the vehicle, unless caused by an accident;
- Special or valuables entrusted to a transport company and the non-delivery of such objects.
d) Theft of special or valuable items in a private vehicle or any other vehicle, tent or caravan.
e) Theft of luggage during the night in a vehicle between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.
f) The leaving behind or losing (except for the identity papers) or the theft of unattended luggage as well as the possible damages in these circumstances.
g) Confiscation, detention or seizure of the luggage by the government.
h) Loss of possession and other indirect damage.
i) The cost of replacing locks and keys.
j) The exclusions provided under the general agreements.


a) ‘The European’ pays, within the limits of the insured amount and with a maximum of 25% of the insured value per object, the purchase value of the damaged, stolen or undelivered luggage, taking into account the loss due to age or wear, fixed at 10% per year, counting from the invoice date of the goods.
b) Concerning the  guarantee 'Breaking of skis’,  the intervention of ’the European’ will be limited in any case up to € 250 per insured person, regardless of the number of luggage policies taken by the policyholder at ‘the European’.
c) Partial or total loss and lack of sufficient justification, ‘the European’ reserves the right calculating the total amount of compensation based on the ratio between the missing weight and total weight of the insured luggage.
d) If the amount of damages is not an amicable agreement, it will be assessed by two experts appointed by both parties and possibly by a third expert, identified by the first two experts, in order to reach an agreement. This decision is binding to both parties.
e) Specific claims in irreparable damage or non-delivery of a registered suitcase: if the registered luggage is irreparably damaged or can be considered lost for good, and the purchasing price of the suitcase was higher than € 75, the insured can opt for a free replacement of damaged or lost suitcase by a SAMSONITE ® suitcase.

Legal suff:
The text above is a summary of the safeguards, and has no contractual value. For the full application of the provisions of the contract, please consult the general conditions on www.nschrysalis.be. Copper can also provide you those by e-mail.

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