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What will I be required to pay for my medical expenses? What will my personal contribution be? How much will be refunded to me by my healthcare insurance? Is it possible to pay less for my healthcare costs? If my financial situation changes, will I still have to pay as much for my medical expenses?

An clear answer on all this questions is not so easy. Before you can formulate a clear answer, we must be well acquainted with your new situation. It need some time ...

Therefore Copper offers you a temporarily insurance included in the Welcome Package. No time to waste ... you and your family is immediately insured.

‘The European’ (Insurer) provides you a reimbursement up to € 50,000 in emergency medical expenses and/or the cost of an urgent hospitalization of the insured, who is the victim of a disease or an accident, including:
- Medical and surgical fees.
- The medication prescribed by a doctor.
- Dental care to a maximum of € 150.
- The costs of physiotherapy, physical therapy and chiropractic prescribed by a physician.
- Hospitalization costs. This pledge, however, stops when the health of the policyholder allows his repatriation and the policyholder refuses this repatriation or delays due to
personal convenience.
- Transportation by ambulance, sanitation sled or helicopter, ordered by a doctor for a local journey.

There is an exemption of € 75 per claim mentioned hereunder. Per insured person this will always be deducted.


1. periodical monitoring or observation, as well as the costs of glasses, contact lenses, medical equipment and the purchase or repair of prostheses.
2. medical check-ups and contraception costs.
3. preventive medicine.
4. health treatments, rehabilitation, physical therapy and physiotherapy stay and treatment.
5. aesthetic and dietetic treatments as well as all diagnostic costs and non-approved treatments (homeopathy, acupuncture, ...).
6. vaccines and vaccinations.
7. depressive states and/or mental illnesses, except for a first manifestation.
8. relapses or worsening of a disease or pathological condition that occurred before the stay in Belgium.
9. the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of a pregnancy, except in a clear and unforeseen complication before 28 weeks.
10. Childbirth and voluntary maternity leave.
11. an illness or accident resulting from the use of alcohol, drugs, narcotics or excessive use of medication and all other substances not prescribed by a physician that influence the behavior.
12. the states as a result of a suicide attempt.
13. the illness or accident caused intentionally by the insured.
14. the illness or accident occurring as a result of an illegal activity (bet, crime, brawls, unless for legitimate defense) or an unauthorized activity.
15. competition sports practiced at professional level.
16. an accident occurred during a motorized test which the policyholder takes part as a participant or assistant of a participant.


Policyholder: the physical or moral person who has endorsed the insurance contract.
Insured: the physical person indicated in the policy and of whom the habitual and principal residence is situated outside the Schengen zone or the European Union.
Insurer: ‘The European’, Goods and Luggage Insurance NV, company authorized under code 0420, Tweekerkenstraat 14, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Insured events: give right to the performance of the insurance, the events that happen and are determined by a physician during the insured period:
- an accident: a sudden and unexpected event, resulting from an external event which causes a physical injury that requires medical and / or hospital treatment. The injury must be a direct and unique result of the accident, regardless of the will of the insured.
- illness: a serious, sudden and unexpected problem with the organs or bodily functions, due to causes other than an accident and that require medical and / or hospital treatment. The illness must be independent of the will of the insured.
Exemption: the fixed amount that remains payable by the policyholder in case of an insured event.
Hospital: establishment recognized as such by the current regulations in one of the above-mentioned countries and in which the insured person is authorized to enter or reside.
Physician: means a person who, in one of the above countries and where the insured is authorized to enter or reside, where he is recognized to practice medical science according to the regulations of the country where he mainly works.

Legal suff:
The text above is a summary of the safeguards, and has no contractual value. For the full application of the provisions of the contract, please consult the general conditions on www.nschrysalis.be. Copper can also provide you those by e-mail.

Welcome Package

The Welcome Package covers all your insurance requirements for a period of 60 days at a cost of only 1 € a day.

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